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Summary of the exhibition ‘Unfinished Lives’ in Wrocław’s high schools in 2023

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It is time to summarise all the educational actions, related to the ‘Unfinished Lives’ exhibition undertaken in 2023 in cooperation with Wrocław’s schools. We hope that this year we will reach even more educational institutions.

In 2023 the ‘Unfinished Lives’ exhibition was presented in 11 high schools in Wrocław. A total of 9430 people have seen it. Teachers conducted 104 classes, based on materials in the stationary exhibition and also using the internet version. These were lessons (in the following subjects: Polish, history, history and the present, visual arts, English and hours at the disposal of the educator), contests, activities in the school library, happenings, creative workshops, projects. Students discussed hate speech, Polish-Jewish relations, mechanisms leading to extermination, antisemitism in historical and present aspects, the tragic fate of European artists during World War II, everyday life and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. They prepared their own presentations about the life and works of chosen artists and analysed their literary and artistic works. They also took some very interesting initiatives, like writing interviews with selected artists. As the teachers emphasized, the tour of the exhibition and the activities were accompanied by great deal of emotions and a lot of involvement from the students.

Project is co-financed by the Municipality of Wrocław.

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