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The opening of the “Unfinished Lives” exhibition in Magdeburg

11.10.2023 The Landtag Sachsen-Anhalt Parliament (Magdeburg) The opening of the UNFINISHED LIVES exhibition. After the Holocaust, the world agreed that Israel should exist and protect our people from atrocities and war. With sorrow and mourning of the current events in the Middle East, I am here in Magdeburg today, opening…

‘Unfinished Lives’ in Wrocław’s High School XV

Wrocław’s High School XV is the next stop of our exhibition “Unfinished Lives” on the Wrocław tour. Students can view and work with it until the end of next week. The exhibition tells the stories of many of European Jewish artists exterminated for their origins. You can view the exhibition…

‘Unfinished Lives’ in Bielefeld, Germany

Our exhibition ‘Unfinished Lives’ is traveling around Europe! Until October 8 we have the pleasure of presenting our project in Bielefeld in Germany. The exhibition tells stories of European Jewish artists who were exterminated because of their origin during Holocaust. Even in the hardest moments they tried to create and…

‘Unfinished Lives’ in Wrocław’s high schools

The summer is over and we too are back at schools with our project. Until the end of September ‘Unfinished Lives’ can be viewed in High School no. VII in Wrocław. Students have the opportunity to learn the stories of remarkable Jewish artists of Europe who were exterminated for their…
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