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Information on facilities for people with disabilities

Our aim is to make sure that every single visitor to the White Stork Synagogue enjoys a truly valuable experience.

All the rooms in the Synagogue are accessible to people with disabilities.

The building has a modern handicap toilet and a lift for easy access to the floors. Should there be a need for additional facilities or assistance, please contact the security officer for information regarding your special requirements, contact the office of the Bente Kahan Foundation (tel. +48 71 341 89 47), or the Jewish Community of Wroclaw (tel. +48 71 343 64 01).

Apart from visiting the White Stork Synagogue complex (main hall, Shul – a small synagogue; a mikveh – ritual bath and the Synagogue’s basement), we invite you to view the permanent exhibitions: History Reclaimed (balcony of the synagogue), Unfinished Lives in a basement of the Synagogue and a presentation Jewish Lifecycle, in the restored mikveh.

We also invite you to temporary exhibitions, performances, concerts, meetings and workshops organized as a part of the activities of the Center For Jewish Culture and Education. For a view of events program kindly go to our calendar.