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The opening of the “Unfinished Lives” exhibition in Magdeburg

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The Landtag Sachsen-Anhalt Parliament (Magdeburg)
The opening of the UNFINISHED LIVES exhibition.

After the Holocaust, the world agreed that Israel should exist and protect our people from atrocities and war.

With sorrow and mourning of the current events in the Middle East,
I am here in Magdeburg today, opening our exhibition at the Landtag, presenting artists who were murdered only because they were Jews.
They were born in a city somewhere in Europe and perished in a death or concentration camp.

Their legacy is their own personal stories through their biographies and the art they left behind.
Their countries did not protect them. That is why we have no flags and no symbols in our exhibition.
It was a failure of states, the world and local public institutions.

Bente Kahan

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