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“Mamy frajde” – Bente Kahan sings with Polish and Ukrainian children

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MAMY FRAJDE is a concert produced by the Bente Kahan Foundation and had its first public appearance in Wroclaw with musicians from NFM (National Forum of Music) on the annual Children’s Day June 1, 2022.

In January 2023, the foundation (FBK) took the initiative to continue this unique project, with Polish and newly arrived Ukrainian kids, many straight from war ridden hometowns, to sing together traditional Jewish songs with lyrics translated into their own language.
Yiddish song tradition is closely linked to Polish and Ukrainian folk music, with Jews and their culture being a well established minority in both countries before WWII.

Today, with us experiencing war in Europe once more, the children from Wroclaw under Bente Kahan’s direction, are singing songs from the past in lyric translated into their own native language.
The mix of the Yiddish, Polish and Ukrainian languages gives the concert an extra flavor, a feeling of unity and understanding.

Bente Kahan and the children  are accompanied by the folk music band “Chudoba”.

The next concert of MAMY FRAJDE will take place in Görlitz Kulturforum, former synagogue, in Germany, June 25 this year.

With financial support from the City of Wroclaw, a song book with lyrics in the three languages, notes and recordings, is being produced by FBK in the Fall of 2023.

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