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Jewish Lifecycle – Rosh Hashanah

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The most important Jewish holidays are starting at the end of September – Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur and the holiday of Sukkot. On this occasion we invite you to a meeting with David Basok, the rabbi of Wrocław, and Danielle Chaimovitz-Basok. They will tell you about the traditions and the significance of the upcoming holidays.

Wednesday, December 25 th

Shofar, sukkah and happiness – the traditions of Jewish holidays of the beginning of a new year – a lecture by David Basok

Free of charge

Flavours of the new year – meeting with Danielle Chaimovitz Basok

The Jewish new year table is full of symbols for things we want in our life, join Danielle Chaimovitz Basok as she shares different traditions and stories behind the dishes, with a demo and trying old and new Simanim.

Free of charge

Project is co-financed by the City of Wrocław (www.wroclaw.pl)