Wrocław University of Science and Technology and the Bente Kahan Foundation are to hold a scientific seminar on November 6-7 entitled: “The Silesian Synagogues: A Thousand Years of History Which Died in One Night”.

The event will comprise two discussion panels (one historical and one dedicated to Silesian synagogues) and a debate on commemorating historical sites, which will take place in the building H-14, as well as an open lecture by Professor Piotr Kuroczyński from the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz entitled “The New Synagogue in a Digital Network of Links – New Forms of Documenting and Passing on the Cultural Heritage” – to be held at the White Stork Synagogue.

The seminar will be accompanied by the Parallel Traces exhibition, presenting photographs and films by world-famous artists and photographers connected with the Jewish heritage of 5 cities: Wrocław, Girona, Syget, Belgrade, and Tbilisi.

In addition, a concert by the young Israeli pianist Itamar Feinberg is planned for the end of the first day.